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After a serious hip injury and several surgeries, I consider myself to be an expert on pain. ABA has been a great resource where well-trained professionals have done for me what I could never have done for myself. I’m grateful for results that have included teaching me how to live and move in ways which minimize my limitations and maximize my ability to function freely and with the least amount of discomfort. They’re the best!!!

Joan L.

As a patient with fibromyalgia and old neck and back injuries, I’ve had a lot of pain. My therapist at ABA has been wonderful with very effective individualized hands-on treatment. Relief in acute flare-ups and great self-help strategies help to keep things under control. I’ve been able to maintain a very active lifestyle, thanks to my therapist! Friendly staff, personal service. My sons have been treated for residual pain after sports injuries and I’m so grateful.

Julie J.

Our active family is running, skiing, walking and playing pain-free thanks to Steve and Judy. From lacrosse injuries to the wear and tear of too much time in an airplane seat, this great team has kept all of us feeling great and going strong. Thanks!

The V Family

I have had back problems since I was a passenger in an automobile accident 60 years ago. It was only when I came to ABA Physical Therapy that my problems and pain were addressed and resolved. They know more about my back than any doctor I have seen in all those years.


The back specialist who referred me to Karen Anderson at ABA Physical therapy said she was about the best physical therapist around. He was right. I came to ABA after trying every available conventional and alternative treatment for chronic, debilitating back pain. Thanks to Karen’s highly skilled, focused and sensitive manual therapy, I am able to live an active, normal live and have learned how to manage my back. There are plenty of physical therapists is San Francisco, where I live, but I’m quite happy to drive to San Mateo for back tune-ups. I’ve recommended ABA to many people and all have been impressed by the thorough, knowledgeable, honest assessments and treatments of their conditions and the individual attention they have received. It is not just the quality of the therapy that makes ABA so outstanding. The entire staff is friendly, courteous, efficient and helpful. How many places can you say that about?

Alice R.