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Rated 5/5 based on 31 customer reviews
"This is the place to be. I have been to many physical therapy locations in my life and this is one of "the best." Rachel for a neck person is excellent. I am so glad to have found her. I am now with Geri for cranial cervical treatment. Los an excellent provider. Ver happy to have found ABA."
Sep 08, 2017
"I found Steve Anderson on recommendation from my doctor over 20 years ago. I was gong to have back surgery but he told me I had to go to ABA PT first. I didn't want to, having been to many, many physical therapists who only made matters worse. My first visit with Steve brought me relief. After half a dozen visits, my back no longer goes into spasm. He fixes me up and then I end up hurting myself again in some other way. I now drive almost 150 miles one way for an appointment with Steve. There is no one else like him. He is very gifted. I highly recommend Steve Anderson. His staff is great too. Always helpful."
Aug 21, 2017
"Audrey is a pro...5_stars"
Jul 28, 2017
"Unfortunately, I have had to use several physical therapists over the years. Although I was satisfied with all of them, none of them could hold a candle to Mary Ann Nahmens. She is very competent, caring and always puts the patient first. I would gladly recommend her to others or use her myself.again."
Jun 17, 2017
"I love the approach and techniques used to help improve the movement in my shoulder and actually relieve the pain! Such a wonderful and effective alternative to cortisone shots."
May 07, 2017
"ABA is amazing! I've worked with Audrey through two running-related injuries and she is a miracle worker. She has seriously gotten to know my body better than I do and can quickly spot where issues are flaring up. Unlike other PTs I've seen in the past, it felt like the whole team was invested in my recovery at ABA. The front-desk staff is always nice and efficient -- and they don't mind when I ALWAYS take a piece of candy. ;)"
May 06, 2017
"Steve Anderson is nothing short of amazing. I have known ABA from many years back when I came in for acute back pain and walked out a new man after only a couple of sessions. Ten years later, I found myself here again and pleased to discover his treatment were as good if not better than before. His methods are like nothing I have ever seen before, subtle, yet very effective. I can't say enough good about him and his friendly, helpful staff. Thanks ABA!"
Mar 20, 2017
"My 15-year old son got a sports injury to his hip from running Cross Country. We had Audrey King as his PT and I can't recommend her enough. She was great with my teenager. He definitely learned a lot about posture, running techniques, core training, how to avoid injuries. Very good experience for growing/running young man."
Mar 20, 2017
"Staff is friendly and professional. Clients' needs are respected and input is valued. The staff make you feel cared for."
Feb 15, 2017
"After having pain in my left groin I finally have done something about it. My therapist at ABA PTA, Steve Anderson, has provided on-going, continued relief of symptoms. I am hopeful now that I will be completely recovered from this frustrating injury."
Feb 03, 2017
"The therapists are very professional. Listen carefully to our problem and don't jump to conclusions quickly."
Oct 22, 2016
"Ben did an amazing job listening to exactly what hurt and came up with the perfect solution and short & long-term plan to help me with my injury. The staff and other therapists are friendly and helpful in keeping everything on schedule."
Oct 20, 2016
"After breaking my right ankle and spraining my left, my surgeon referred me to ABA Physical Therapy because my ankles were stiff and really hurt walking down stairs and just walking in general. After working with Audrey for six weeks, she showed me exercises that strengthened my ankles and improved my balance. As a result, my ankles feel much stronger and I am now out of pain and back to health. I highly recommend Audrey as she is excellent at what she does!"
Oct 19, 2016
"When I first showed up at ABA over 2 years ago I was a mess. In addition to problems with my knees, back, ankles and quads, i kept stumbling in my recovery from a torn calf muscle. I met with many of the therapists at ABA, including both Karen and Steve (the owners). I started seeing Steve regularly for maintenance and as-needed for new injuries. I've seen many PTs, but Steve was the first one who actually worked to get to the bottom of my issues and focus on the root cause instead of just healing the resulting injury. His use of "Fascial Facilitation Technique" has transformed my body in a way that no other PT before has even tried to do. Before Steve, I couldn't run more than a mile or two without serious pain. Now I regularly run 5-7 miles at a time, and even completed a half ironman: https://medium.com/@joegodfrey/70-3-and-me-a-modern-love-story-abb17bd3d785#.2isy41oi4 I'm incredibly grateful to Steve and the whole team at ABA for helping to get me back on the right track. I can't recommend ABA more strongly"
Oct 12, 2016
"1st time with physical therapy and it was a great experience. Exercises were manageable and easy to follow!"
Oct 11, 2016
"Aubrey was really friendly and helpful. I was about to leave on a long trip and didn't have time for extensive therapy, but she gave me lots of exercises to do while on the road so I could take care of my injury. Also, within a short span of time my pain decreased."
Sep 16, 2016
"Mary Anne and Allison both did a very thorough evaluation of my back problem and related problems with walking and balance. We worked quite a long time with a variety of movements and tips and exercises to make improvements, including my balance. They are very perceptive in observing what I am doing wrong and always have strategies for me to make my own corrections. I highly recommend this physical therapy center."
Sep 16, 2016
"The admin staff was very friendly and attentive to my needs. It was really appreciated when they were able to get back to me to reschedule my appointment to be more accomodating to my schedule. The PT staff is very knowledgable and can help you reach your goals."
Sep 12, 2016
"ABA PT is a professional, expert group of PT's delivering hands on individual treatments. From the moment you arrive, the office staff welcome you professionally and efficiently, Hats off to Laura, Marilyn and Dennis! Karen has magic hands and she helped me after suffering so many years with chronic pain. Can't live without her!"
Sep 07, 2016
"Ben was able to address my knee pain and effectively treat it. while showing me how to maintain progress and avoid repeating the same mistakes I've made in the past. Highly recommended."
Sep 06, 2016
"Competent, courteous, timely pleasant experience."
Aug 26, 2016
"I have been coming to ABA physical therapy for approximately 4-4 1/2 years. I have a chronic disease that flairs up and the only relief is physical therapy. I can honestly say when I come in to see my therapist I'm limping and I can barely walk. When my session is over after 30-45 minutes I cab walk and I feel great. I have told my orthopedist to send his patients to ABA physical therapy because the therapists are more than qualified to handle any problem you have. They also are open to new treatments and ideas, but without sacrificing their patient. The patients are number one before anything else. The therapists and the staff are all professional and qualified to help you if it is in their realm. I can't stress how wonderful a place ABA physical therapy is for relief from pain or aches or whatever your physical problem may be to walking, reaching, etc. I don't hesitate at all to say if you have a back ache, physical mobility problem, shoulder surgery rehab, whatever it is go to ABA they are GREAT!"
Aug 26, 2016
"I've been in the care of ABA for many years. I suffer sever spinal and head injuries as a result of an auto accident, and years later, a serious fall. When other PTs either feared to touch me or could only help me to a certain point, my M.D. referred me to ABA. Here, the therapists personalize their skills and knowledge to the patients' specific needs. At ABA I have found the talented and devoted therapist who doesn't give up on a difficult case, and who sympathizes with a patient who desperately wants to avoid having surgery. Many, many thanks Steve!"
Aug 15, 2016
"ABA Physical Therapy has provided me with excellent care during my post-partum recovery from delivering twins. When I first began physical therapy with ABA I had a pain level of 8 or 9, but now I am down to a 1 or 2 consistently. They give great hands-on adjustments as well as exercises to do at home. I am grateful to ABA, Karen and Jane especially!"
Aug 08, 2016
"I came to Steve with lots of pain in different areas of my body. I was extremely impressed with his approach. After eight sessions I felt so much better. My shoulders didn't ache and my lower back pain was almost eliminated. He provided me with very effective exercises, too. His office is exceptionally professional. I highly recommend ABA."
Aug 04, 2016
"Allison Mayer is amazing! She has helped me rehab both knees after double knee replacement surgery. I could not have done it without her and ABA!"
Jul 27, 2016
"I hate to leave a good review because they are so busy now, I will never get an appointment! Steve Anderson is AMAZING. I first went to him over 20 years ago and go back periodically for a tune-up or when I do something stupid and hurt myself. I am currently driving 300 miles round-trip for treatment because he is the only PT I TRUST and the only one who helps to resolve my problem (instead of making it worse like happens with many PT's). A definite YES!!"
Jul 17, 2016
"ABA provides excellent physical therapy services ~ they are the best around! I suffered with back pain for years while trying numerous PT providers in the San Mateo area. After yet another significant round of pain, a new back specialist recommend ABA for treatment. It was the beginning of the end of my serious bouts of pain. Initial treatments provided relief from the pain and spasms while subsequent sessions included instructional routines that I learned to complete at home to strengthen my core and maintain spinal alignment. I have never been back to the "Red Zone" of pain now that ABA helped me recover from the spasms and taught me preventative exercises. Most recently, I had rotator cuff repair and there was no doubt in my mind which PT provider I would choose. The ABA team once again helped me regain strength and range of motion in my shoulder and introduced me to numerous routines I complete at home to ensure I reach 100% recovery following surgery. Mary Ann can 'read' your body and knows just where/how to make adjustments that move you towards pain relief and recovery. Allison provided me with great routines to complete at home and the ABA Balance Class is great for those who are aging and want to focus on not falling!"
Jul 10, 2016
"Benjamin Fong was really helpful, great, friendly and excellent. Guide me towards healing and exercises. highly recommend ABA."
Jun 29, 2016
"they're the best! down home midwestern friendly but mostly someone who's actually competent! and not like Kaiser therapists who do nothing except give you home stretching exercises [boring and useless]. The first time I went for a running injury. I was training for a marathon and wanted to get faster. Little did I know then the rule about never increase your distance by more than 10% a week. I made the huge mistake of going from 6 miles a week to 6 miles 3 /week. I quickly ruined my left leg/quad/sciatica. After trying for months of self-treatment starting with scaling down my running to walking to doing nothing, I tried Steve and Karen Anderson. They're both great but I liked Steve's experience and personal participation in sports and treating dancers at ODC [one of my favorite dance companies]. I saw him once a week for 3 months, then every 2 weeks for 3 months and finally every 3 weeks for 3 months to be able to run a marathon pain free. He also teaches you how to walk, how to run, how to stand while doing the dishes, etc. Never knew that made your back and other muscles ache. It's probably 10 years now and I still come by once a year or so for a tune-up when something goes out of whack. I'm currently taking ballet 2-4 times a week, yoga 2-4 times a week and hike/jogging 1-3 miles 2-4 times a week, and strength training. And I'm 63. It was a push to get Blue Shield to cover the last 3 months that one time. Now, since Kaiser doesn't cover real physical therapy and HMO's are cheaper, I just pay out of pocket to stay in shape with a competent and caring physical therapist. He has special skills with osteopathy which at first I thought, "What are you doing?" [it seemed like he wasn't doing anything except a laying of hands but now I realize it's a way to test/feel which muscles/tendons/ligaments are out of alignment before he realigns them. Sort of like gentle chiropractic without the harsh abrupt bone movements]"
Jun 23, 2016
"Steve Anderson is unconventional, but what he does really works! I couldn't believe the difference after just the first visit. I have had a "bad lower back" for most of my life. It is nice to be able to move again, and I continue to improve and increase the level of activities that I can do without hurting myself. I suffered for a long time before finally coming to ABA, and they have really made a difference."
Jun 15, 2016