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About Us

ABA Physical Therapy Associates was founded in 1986 to provide quality, skilled outpatient physical therapy to San Mateo and the surrounding communities. As we grew we added experienced, dedicated professionals who shared a common goal of individualized, quality care using specialized manual therapy, hands-on treatment as well as therapeutic exercise and movement retraining.

Many of the therapists at ABA have more than 25 years of treatment experience. We are dedicated to improving our knowledge with continuing education. Our combination of manual therapy skills and evidence-based rehabilitation can reduce pain and get you back to life – faster.

Due to our years of experience, we are known as the place to go when your musculoskeletal problem has not improved with other treatments – even other physical therapy treatment. If you have a new injury, our combination of advanced manual therapy skills and evidence-based rehabilitation will get you better, faster. If you have a longstanding problem, our head-to-toe evaluation will help you discover why your symptoms began and still remain.

Our mission is to treat every person with an individualized evaluation and treatment plan, educate you fully about your problem and to partner with you on the way to better health in a friendly, supportive environment. We hope you’ll have a little fun too. We want you to have the tools to continue to improve after your physical therapy is completed and to get back to doing the activities you love as quickly as possible.