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ABA Physical Therapy Associates

Every person is unique. That’s why, at ABA Physical Therapy Associates, we emphasize communication, individualized care, follow-up and personal attention. If you have a new injury, our combination of advanced manual therapy skills and evidence-based rehabilitation will get you better, faster. If your problem is longstanding, we problem-solve with you to discover why your symptoms began and still remain. We will help you find the tools to improve or manage your problem and to prevent it from coming back.

From the moment you start treatment in our office you will see and feel the difference.

Give us a call and our friendly front office staff will get you started on the road to better health.

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ABA Physical Therapy Associates is physical therapist-owned outpatient clinic that has been serving the Peninsula since 1986.

At ABA Physical Therapy, our goal is to reduce pain, help you move better, feel better and learn how you can keep it that way.

Your experience will include:

  • A friendly and helpful staff. If we don’t know the answer to your questions, we’ll find the answers for you.
  • Highly skilled and experienced orthopedic physical therapy staff
  • Private treatment rooms and one-on-one treatment with a physical therapist
  • Thorough “head to toe” evaluation of the whole person to ensure an accurate assessment and treatment plan tailored to your needs
  • Patient education to answer your questions and help you to fully understand your problem and the steps necessary to get better
  • Use of our unique blend of manual therapy skills and evidence-based treatment to return you to optimal function
  • Individualized exercise program to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.